ESSE: Chicago dating over 40. If you're single and over forty it's essential.

Eileen Messier,
ESSE founder

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ESSE: Chicago Dating Over 40

ESSE: if you’re single and over forty…it’s essential.

With offices in Chicago and Oakbrook, and 24 years of experience in the dating industry, ESSE is the one and only Chicago matchmaking firm, dedicated to the needs of single adults over 40. It’s our goal to make sure life truly does begin at forty.

You’re our target. There are plenty of dating options targeting younger people, but the reality is—today, more than ever—men and women in their forties, fifties and sixties are single. For every two people married, there are three single. They are now more physically fit and attractive than ever!

ESSE is a fun, fast, efficient way to meet people for dating. We have designed our program to meet the needs of the single professional on every level—from those desiring to meet people socially, to those interested in a one-on-one personal introduction.

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